These years of experience in the treatment of biopolymers have allowed me to develop protocols and treatment techniques that improve the outcome of these surgeries. Many people consult me to improve the discomfort and aesthetic changes that arise from the application of these substances. Depending on each patient, I determine which is the best treatment option. It is usually necessary to prepare the patient a few days before surgery with treatment to improve tissue quality and inflammation. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

There are several surgical techniques. Aspiration techniques (liposuction) with equipment such as the VASER are a very good option for some patients. The people whose skin is most damaged require more complex surgeries in which the affected skin and the tissues infiltrated by this product are removed. It is a very demanding surgery that requires a great experience of the surgeon.

On average this procedure can take 2 hours. Sometimes a night of hospitalization and massages after surgery is necessary. Although it is impossible to remove all the material of biopolymers, with these surgeries it is possible to improve the discomforts like the firmness, the pain, the inflammation of the skin. The following are questions and answers:

1When should biopolymers be removed?
The decision depends on two factors, if there are discomforts or if there are aesthetic deformities. Not all people with biopolymers benefit from withdrawing them, for this reason a specialized assessment is important.
2When removing biopolymers do scars remain?
Generally not. In some situations it is necessary to remove skin and tissue, which is why it is necessary to leave scars.
3How much is the recommended rest time?
I recommend to my patients 3 days of rest on average
4Can several surgeries be needed to remove the biopolymers?
In some patients it is necessary to do more than one surgery to achieve a good result. I explained to my patients that in the most complex cases, treatment is a process that requires several surgeries.