International patients

I understand that making the decision to travel and have surgery in another country is not easy. For this reason I have a team of people to look after my patients to make this process easier.

My foreign patients' office is ready to help you in planning your trip and arrival in Bogota, as well as in matters of accommodation, transfers and accompaniment during your stay.

An interdisciplinary team with experience in patient management will be with you during your recovery. We have accommodation agreements with the best hotels in Bogota. We have bilingual staff to assist you in your stay.

Our aim is that you have a pleasant experience that will help your recovery in a relaxed environment. You can contact us by phone or mail to start the process. Tell us your concerns and we will answer all your questions. We can make a virtual assessment to give you recommendations for your trip and clear your doubts about the treatments.

Personalized Attention

Upon your arrival we will have a preliminary assessment to confirm the treatments and surgeries you will be undertaking. As soon as you have your travel date, we will schedule the appointment date and time, the anesthesiologist's evaluation and the surgery date

If you are interested in doing other activities in the city, we have a support group in tourism that can accompany you to do activities during your stay. Upon your arrival my staff will take care of your entire agenda to help you meet your schedule. If you are interested in other activities in the city, we have a tourism support group that can escort you to activities during your stay.

Schedule an appointment

You can contact me directly to clarify your doubts or directly schedule an appointment.