Nose surgery is one of the most performed aesthetic surgeries. It is very important to perform a complete analysis of the face to determine what will be the best result according to the face of each patient.

This surgery allows to improve the shape and size achieving a natural result.


The surgery is ambulatory, is performed under general anesthesia and can last on average 2 hours. It is not necessary to leave plugs in the nose.

The local bandages and the splint are left on average for 5 days. The recovery can take a week initially. If you are traveling from outside Bogotá, the recommendation is to be 7 days before the return trip.

Frequent questions

1At what age can a nose surgery be done?
Usually after 18 years
2What type of anesthesia is used in a rhinoplasty?
It is more frequent to do it with general anesthesia
3Are scars visible in a nose surgery?
No. Usually the scars are hidden.
4How much is the recommended rest time?
I recommend to my patients 3 days of rest on average
5When can I see the results?
Immediately the changes are seen. The final results are seen after 6 months
6Is it necessary to withdraw points?
Generally, It is not necessary to remove points
7Are plugs left after nose surgery?
No. In general, with advanced techniques in rhinoplasty it is not necessary to stop and can breathe from the beginning of recovery.
8Why are there nose surgery results that are very obvious and are not natural?
It usually has to do with the surgeon's experience, poor healing or poor planning and surgery. The objective is to have natural results that do not show the surgery but if they achieve a harmonious change with the rest of the face.

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