It is a surgery that is done more every day. With the increasing popularity of selfies, people have noticed more details of their faces as in their cheeks.

For this reason I receive many patients in my office wanting to see their thinner and more profiled faces.


This surgery can be done with local anesthesia. It lasts on average 20 minutes and is ambulatory.

The surgery consists of removing the fat bags from the cheek making a small incision inside the mouth. The final result can be evidenced after 3 weeks when the inflammation passes. This result is completely natural and harmonizes the shape and contour of the face achieving younger and attractive faces.

Frequent questions

1At what age can a bichectomy be done?
From 18 years old
2What type of anesthesia is used in this surgery?
It can be done with local anesthesia, sedation or general
3Are scars visible in an eyelid surgery?
No. The scars remain inside the mouth
4How much is the recommended rest time?
I recommend my patients 2 days of rest on average
5When can I see the results?
Immediately the changes are seen. The final results are seen after 3 months
6Is it necessary to withdraw points?
It is not necessary to remove points. The sutures are absorbed after a few weeks
7What people can do a bichectomy?
Anyone can perform this procedure. The important thing is to have an assessment with a specialist to know if the changes are going to be noticed and if the shape of the face and the quality of the skin will allow a good result

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