Cirugia facial

Surgeries and facial procedures

All the treatments offered by Dr Ruiz have the highest quality and the latest technologies.
If you are looking for a safe, reliable treatment with natural results, Dr. Santiago Ruiz is your surgeon. All surgeries and procedures are performed by Dr. Ruiz as well as the follow-up before and after the patients' surgery.


Improve the shape, size and position of your ears with this surgery. The ears are the frame of the face, and achieving a natural result, all parts of the face are harmonized. This surgery leaves no visible scars.

The results are seen in a few weeks and recovery is quick and painless. All the ears are different. There is no one ear like another. For this reason it is very important to do a detailed physical examination to identify which are the details that should be changed or improved with surgery.


Nose surgery is one of the most performed aesthetic surgeries. This surgery allows to improve the shape and size achieving a natural result. It is very important to perform a complete analysis of the face to determine what will be the best result according to the face of each patient.

The planning of each surgery starts in the office asking the patient about their expectations and what kind of nose they want to have. According to this information and the physical examination, and with the help of a photographic studio, I can analyze every aspect that needs to be changed. If it is necessary to improve functional problems, they can be done in the same surgery with the aesthetic change.


The eyelids are the frame of the eyes. Any change in the eyelids affects the look and natural expression of the face. Changes in the eyelids may begin at an early age but are more common in patients over 45 years of age.

The upper eyelids lose firmness, wrinkle, fall and make the eye look smaller causing a sad and tired look. The lower eyelids wrinkle, lose firmness and can show the bags of fat, showing an expression of tiredness and old age.


This surgery is much more frequent than you think. The size and shape of the mentor are definitive in the facial balance. For this reason many people benefit from this surgery. It is important to make a detailed analysis of the face to determine which is the best alternative to increase the chin.

In this procedure rigid silicone implants are used. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and is ambulatory. It does not leave visible scars because in the vast majority of cases the implant is placed from the mucosa of the mouth. The result is immediate and the recovery is quick and it is not painful.


It is a surgery that is done more every day. With the increasing popularity of selfies, people have noticed more details of their faces as in their cheeks. For this reason I receive many patients in my office wanting to see their thinner and more profiled faces.

The surgery consists of removing the fat bags from the cheek making a small incision inside the mouth. The final result can be evidenced after 3 weeks when the inflammation passes. This result is completely natural and harmonizes the shape and contour of the face achieving younger and attractive faces.