Reduction Mammoplasty

Breasts may increase in size for several reasons, both during growth and in adulthood. This can cause functional limitations such as back pain, posture changes, cramps and pains in the hands, skin problems, and exercise limitations.

Additionally, large breasts sag, look wider, and change shape, which is why many women come in for consultation to improve their aesthetic appearance. Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery performed under general anesthesia. It can last an average of 2 hours, and one of its great advantages is that the post-surgery period is painless and requires few days of rest.


The changes are seen immediately, and the final results, within a few months. With the latest advances in surgery, suturing materials, and skin care, the scars this surgery may leave are barely visible and may go unnoticed.

Depending on the size, position and shape of the breasts, a decision is made as to which surgical technique to use and which scar to leave.

If you are traveling from outside Bogota it is important to have at least 10 days in Bogota before traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1¿At what age can breast reduction surgery be performed?
Usually after 18 years. But in some patients with very large breasts that limit their activities and have pain, it can be done before that age.
2¿Are there visible scars in a breast reduction?
Yes. Scars remain depending on the technique. The advantage is that with all the advances in suture materials and skin care and scars. The scores are very good
3¿How long is the recommended rest time?
Recomiendo a mis pacientes 3 días de reposo en promedio
4¿When can I see the results??
Immediately the changes are seen. The final results are seen after 3 months
5¿Do I need to remove stitches?
Generally It is not necessary to remove points.

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