Change of breast implants

All experts and regulatory institutions recommend replacing implants after 12 years. Although there are patients who can remain in control by monitoring the state of the implants, the general rule is to change them.

This makes the change of implants a very frequent surgery. This surgery allows changes in the shape or size of the implant. It also allows to improve the position of the gland.


It is a surgery that can last on average 45 minutes and is ambulatory. The postoperative period is simple, fast and painless.

I recommend to my patients an average of 3 days of rest before starting all their activities. If you are coming from Bogotá, the recommendation is to be 5 days before traveling back.

Preguntas Frecuentes

1When should breast replacements be changed?
The general recommendation is to change them every 10 or 12 years. There are special conditions in which an annual follow-up with ultrasounds can be done to monitor the implants and it is not necessary to change them
2Is the pain the same as the first surgery?
DO NOT. As the tissues are already expended and there is space for the implant, when the prostheses are changed, the pain is minimal.
3How much is the recommended rest time?
4What can I improve when I change the implants?
You can improve the shape, the position and change the volume. With the most modern implants, the projection improves and the shape looks more natural. Likewise, breasts can be seen and felt firmer.

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