Abdominoplasty - lipectomy

This surgery allows treating all the changes that the abdomen presents with the weight gain or the pregnancies. The excess skin can be removed to obtain a warm abdomen.

Muscles are tied making a firm abdomen. By removing the excess skin, stretch marks can be removed from the lower and middle part of the abdomen.


It is a surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. On average it lasts 2 hours and is usually done with liposuction from other areas to optimize the result.

All my patients I recommend at least 10 days of disability and if they come from outside Bogotá at least 15 days in the city before the return trip. The postoperative period requires massages and the use of a special girdle to control inflammation. The resulting scar is in an area that is easy to hide and is usually of very good quality.

Frequent questions

1How much is the recommended rest time?
I recommend to my patients a minimum of 7 days of rest on average
2What can I improve when I change the implants?
The excess skin is removed, the skin has stretch marks and the position of the abdominal muscles is improved.
3What care should be taken after a liposuction?
It is important to use a strip with special foams and to avoid the exaggerated pressure. A massage protocol must be followed to accelerate deflation and improve skin quality.
4What is the difference between a liposuction and a lipectomy?
Removes excess skin and improves the position of the muscles of the abdominal wall.
5How do I know if I am a candidate for a liposuction or a lipectomy?
If there is excess skin and the muscles of the abdomen are separated, a lipectomy should be done. If the skin is not excess and the muscles are in good position, the best alternative is a liposuction. In many cases the two procedures are done.

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