Abdominal marking

In recent years the tendency to have flat and marked athletic bodies and abdomens has increased the popularity of this surgery.

In this surgery, the most recent advances in liposuction and liposuction are used. The goal is to emphasize more muscles and muscular edges. In this way, the shadows that highlight an exercised and young abdomen can be obtained.


It is a surgery that requires a very good skin quality. It is done under general anesthesia and can last between 1 and 2 hours. It is usually done together with a liposuction of other areas of the body.

This surgery requires postoperative massage and the use of a pressure band to control inflammation. The results are seen after 8 weeks but changes are seen from the beginning.

Frequent questions

1How is an abdominal marking done?
The most advanced liposuction equipment allows you to highlight the muscles and shadow areas by carving the silhouette. It is a technique similar to that of a liposuction.
2What type of anesthesia is used in this surgery?
It can be done with sedation or general anesthesia
3How much is the recommended rest time?
I recommend to my patients 3 days of rest on average
4When can I see the results?
Immediately the changes are seen. The final results are seen after 3 months
5What care should be taken after an abdominal marking?
It is important to use a strip with special foams and to avoid the exaggerated pressure. A massage protocol must be followed to accelerate deflation and improve skin quality.

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