Body surgeries

Cirugia corportal

Body surgeries

All the treatments offered by Dr Ruiz have the highest quality and the latest technologies.
If you are looking for a safe, reliable treatment with natural results, Dr. Santiago Ruiz is your surgeon. All surgeries and procedures are performed by Dr. Ruiz as well as the follow-up before and after the patients' surgery.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

With more than 18 years of experience, this is one of the most performed surgeries in my practice. I have been recognized in 2018 by Johnson and Johnson and their MENTOR implants as one of the 10 surgeons with the most experience in breast implants in Colombia. This allows me to offer my patients natural and safe results.

Breast augmentation surgery allows to improve the size, position and shape of the breasts. It is a surgery that is done under general anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. On average it is a 45 minute procedure. The changes are seen immediately and in a few weeks, you can see the final results.

Reduction mammoplasty

The breasts can increase in size for various reasons, both during growth and in adulthood. This can cause functional limitations such as back pain, changes in posture, cramps and pain in the hands, skin problems and limitations to exercise.

The changes are seen immediately and the final result after a few months. With the most recent advances in surgery, suture materials and skin care, the scars that can leave this surgery are not very noticeable and can go unnoticed.

Breast lift - breast pexy

The breasts can change their position and fall by the quality of the skin and by the size and weight. Many women consult me to improve this sinus fall. This surgery can be done using breast implants and on other occasions cutting excess skin and repositioning the breast tissues.

It is very important to do a complete and detailed medical examination to determine the quality of the skin, the measurements of the breast and according to this, we can determine which is the best alternative for each patient and achieve natural results.

Change of breast implants

All experts and regulatory institutions recommend replacing implants after 12 years. Although there are patients who can remain in control by monitoring the state of the implants, the general rule is to change them.

This makes the change of implants a very frequent surgery. This surgery allows changes in the shape or size of the implant. It also allows to improve the position of the gland.

Liposuction - liposculpture

It allows to shape the figure achieving more thinness and highlighting aspects such as the buttocks, the waist, and the flat abdomen. With the recent advances in techniques and the appearance of equipment such as the VASER and the MICROAIR, the procedure is simpler and less traumatic. This has allowed patients to have fewer days of disability.

It is a surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. On average it can last 2 hours and does not require hospitalization. The post-operative period requires massages with special equipment to manage inflammation and the use of a strip with foams to achieve a natural result in a short time.

Abdominal marking

In recent years the tendency to have flat and marked athletic bodies and abdomens has increased the popularity of this surgery. In this surgery, the most recent advances in liposuction and liposuction are used.

The goal is to emphasize more muscles and muscular edges. In this way, the shadows that highlight an exercised and young abdomen can be obtained. It is a surgery that requires a very good skin quality. It is done under general anesthesia and can last between 1 and 2 hours.

Abdominoplasty - lipectomy

This surgery allows to treat all the changes that the abdomen presents with the weight gain or the pregnancies. The excess skin can be removed to obtain a warm abdomen. Muscles are tied making a firm abdomen.

It is a surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. On average it lasts 2 hours and is usually done with liposuction from other areas to optimize the result. All my patients I recommend at least 10 days of disability and if they come from outside Bogotá at least 15 days in the city before the return trip.